Sky Q and Disney+ - HDR Content

When your Sky Q box receives the latest software update, Release 12, you will be able to view HDR Content in the Disney+ app on your Sky Q box.

There are some differences from our own HDR content, which are listed below:

Sky HDRDisney+ HDR

UHD / Qe Subscription

Disney+ Subscription (customers do not need to have UHD/Qe)


HDR HLG TV to view content on Sky STB and smart TV appIf you have a HDR10 Compatible TV, you’ll only be able to view this via the Disney+ app on your smart TV. You will not be able to view Disney+ in HDR on your Sky Box.

HDR compatible box

HDR Compatible box

Most Ultra HD TVs will be HDR10 compatible, which you can check via your TV manual or online support from the TV manufacturer.

You can check if you have a compatible Sky Q box HERE and if it's not compatible, you can register your interest to upgrade on:

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You can find out if Disney+ content is available in 4K Ultra HD or HDR 10 by looking at the synopsis area (e.g. Frozen 2 is available in 4k/HDR 10 formats). The screen below shows what you need to look out for:

Disney+ Frozen homepage

Go to our Setting up Ultra HD article for all the information you need to set up Ultra HD and HDR on your Sky Q box.

For further help with Disney+ HDR, we suggest you try their Help website. Here are some useful links: