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Sky Q Booster not connecting

If you’ve moved any of your Sky Q equipment, return it to its original location and see if this fixes your connection issue. If not, check your other Sky Q products: 

Sky Q box

If you have more than one Sky Q box, check the power light on the front is amber or green on each of them then check your Sky Q Hub. 

Sky Q Hub

Check the power light on the front of your Sky Q Hub is green. If all lights are green, go to the next step. 

Reset your Booster

Press and hold the reset button on the back for ten seconds until the power light flashes green.

Wait for the wireless light to turn solid green, then press the WPS button on your nearest Sky Q product for three seconds. Then press the WPS button on your Sky Q Booster for three seconds.

After a short wait, the connected light should turn green. If your booster still doesn’t connect and you can’t see a connected light, you’ll need to Contact us