Sky Mobile upgrades

With Sky Mobile, you can upgrade your device for a brand new one any time you like after the first 31 days.

And if you have spare data in your Sky Piggybank, you can cash it in for money off your new phone, tablet or laptop.

Your upgrade options

  • Swap your device for a new one before your contract ends
  • Upgrade and keep your old device

Remember, you can choose to change your data plan every month. There’s no need to get a new SIM, we’ll update your plan automatically, so just pop it in your new device.

Device limits might apply.

What's Swap?

Watch our help video to find out more.

Swap lets you keep up with the latest tech by swapping your old device for a new one before the end of your contract.

Just choose the device you to want to upgrade to and once you've got it, send your old one back to us. We'll give you a value for it to put towards paying off the remaining amount on your credit agreement.

If you’re on a:

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