Sky Mobile upgrades

Want a brand new phone or tablet?

With Sky Mobile, you can upgrade your device for a brand new one any time you like after the first 31 days.

Ready to upgrade?

To find out if you can, sign in with your Sky iD.

Check if you can upgrade

Save on your upgrade

Cash in your unused data from your Sky Piggybank to save on your new device. Any unused data you cash in will go towards the total amount of your new device. It can’t be used to pay off any outstanding balance on your credit agreement (if applicable).

Ways to upgrade

  • Swap your device for a new one.
    • Just choose the device you to want to upgrade to and once you've got it, send your old one back to us. We'll put the value of your device towards what's left to pay on your credit agreement.
  • Upgrade and keep your old one too.
    • Just carry on paying for it, as well as your new one, until your credit agreement ends.

You can also send your device back to us, without buying a new one. We’ll give you an amount for it to go towards paying off what’s left.

Device limits: Max. 7 data plans and 5 active devices per account. If you paid for a device upfront in full, it’ll count as an active device on your account for 150 days from purchase. If you’ve reached your device limit, you won’t be able to upgrade your current devices until you either finish paying for a pay monthly device, or you’ve had a device you paid for upfront in full for more than 150 days.

Want to keep your number?

No problem. Just take your current Sky SIM out of your old device, pop it into your new device and your number will work automatically. We'll also send a new SIM with your order, just in case your new device needs a different sized SIM. If it does, follow the activate a replacement SIM journey and your number will work on the new SIM.

Swap your old device

Want to keep your old device?

Setting up your new device

For swap terms and conditions, see the Sky Mobile Terms and Conditions booklet.