Sky Broadband & Talk installation at new sites

Thanks for choosing Sky Broadband & Talk. This is just to let you know that your order might be delayed.

Why might your order be delayed?

Our supplier Openreach has told us your property is classed as a new site. A new site is a new build, conversion or major refurbishment of a residential home. 

Openreach works with developers and builders in the planning process and carries out the work to connect the new homes to its network so that you have access to telephone and broadband services.

In some instances, Openreach need to seek permission from the local authorities to manage vehicle traffic in the area, or to close some roads to allow their engineers to work safely. There are also sometimes delays in permissions being granted, especially in more complex development sites.

A delay may also occur when registering your new postcode on our system, if your new site’s postcode was previously unregistered. Your order can’t be processed until your new postcode’s on our database. This usually occurs after your postcode has been registered by your local council and by Royal Mail. Check Royal Mail’s Postcode Finder to see if your postcode’s on there yet.

What type of work needs completing to get my order back on track?

Openreach help plan and supply the equipment needed to install ducting and run new cables from the exchange or green cabinet to your home.

Typically with new sites new ducting needs to be laid at the site, then cables. Once the cables are within the ducting, a specialist engineer joins these to the network. In new sites ducting is usually laid by the builder or developer. Openreach then need to check the work to ensure this has been completed to the relevant safety standards. This can take multiple visits from the new site engineer.

To help us set up your services more quickly, keep in regular contact with your builder to understand how work at the site is progressing.

What’ll happen next?

We’ll keep you updated once Openreach confirm how much work they need to do in order to get your line ready.

How long will my delay be?

The length of the delay will be dependent on the work involved as delays can differ in complexity and where possible we’ll share estimated timelines for planned work.

What can I expect from Sky?

Our Order Care Team will keep constant track of your order and will text and email you with updates as regularly as possible about its progress. They’ll let you know if we can’t meet the date we advised when you placed your order. Then once we've confirmed the date of your installation with Openreach, we'll text and write to you with the new appointment details.

To make sure we have your correct email address, just follow the simple steps below.

Does Sky have my correct email address?

To make sure we can send you email updates about your order, sign in to Manage and check or change your email address. You’ll need your Sky iD to sign in. 

If you need to create a Sky iD or having problems with an existing one:

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