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Sky Q app

Shows not available to download on the Sky Q app

You may not be able to download a show due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your show isn't available for download

    Not all of your box's recordings and on demand shows can be downloaded to your device because of contractual agreements for certain shows.

    You can find recordings that are available to download in the Recordings section of the Sky Q app.

    Your available downloads will appear under Download to iPad, Download to iPhone, Download to tablet or Download to phone. Some recordings can take a few hours before they appear in these menus.

    You can also download on demand shows from Sky Cinema, Catch Up TV or Sky Box Sets. Only those available to download will have the option to download to your device.

  • You've reached the maximum download limit

    If your show has already been downloaded twice within your home, you can't download it again. If you try to download the show more than twice, you’ll receive an error message.

    However, you can still watch the show from the Recordings section of the Sky Q app or on demand on your device. 

  • Your device isn't registered

    To download shows on to your device, it needs to be one of your four registered devices.

    If you haven't reached your device limit, then the one you're using will automatically register when you start a download.

    If you've reached your limit then you'll need to remove an existing device first. 

    You can manage your devices online.

  • The download failed

    You'll find failed downloads in the Downloaded section of your Sky Q app.

    Apple devices:
    Failed downloads will be in On My iPad or On My iPhone. To retry, select Retry iPad download or Retry iPhone download.

    If you're using an iPad or iPhone, your download may have failed because the Sky Q app was closed while the download was in progress. Leave the app open and follow the steps above to retry.

    Android devices:
    Failed downloads will be in On My Tablet or On My Phone. To retry, select Retry tablet download or Retry phone download.

  • Your recording isn't ready yet

    Your Sky Q box needs to prepare your recording before it's available to download. When the recording’s ready, it'll appear under Download to iPad, Download to iPhone, Download to tablet or Download to phone.

    On demand shows are available to download at any time.

  • Still having trouble? Restart the app

    In many cases, restarting the app will resolve some issues with the Sky Q app. To do this:

    Apple device users: Press the device’s Home button twice to bring up your recent applications. Tap and hold the Sky Q app and swipe it up to close it.

    Android device users: Open the device’s recent screens menu. Find the Sky Q app screen and tap X to close it.

    Now reopen the app to see if this resolves the problem.

    If you're still having problems, please contact us.