Setting up your new Sky Q Mini box

All your Sky Q Mini box needs to work is a connection to an active Sky Q box, broadband and a relevant subscription.

Image of a TV, Mini box, HDMI cable and power cable to show Sky Q Mini box set up

  1. Plug the pink end of the HDMI cable into the pink port of your Sky Q Mini box and the other end into your TV.
  2. Plug the power cable into the blue port of your Sky Q Mini box and plug the other end into the mains and switch on.
  3. Insert the batteries into your Sky Q remote and press the Home button when the power light on your Sky Q Mini box is solid amber. 
  4. Follow the on screen messages to connect your Sky Q Mini box to your Sky Q box.

Once connected, update the software:

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote, select Settings, then select System Info.
  2. Select Software Version, then select Setup and follow the on screen instructions.

If your TV doesn’t have a HDMI port, you can connect with an AV cable.

If you see any error messages when setting up, please visit Fix connection problems with Sky Q.

Please note: The Sky Q Mini box should not be placed behind a wall-mounted TV as this can cause connectivity issues.

Were you able to set up your Sky Q Mini box?

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