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Set up your Sky Mobile voicemail

Getting started:

  • Voicemail is automatically set up when you activate your SIM.
  • To access voicemail on your phone, press and hold 1 or dial 759.
  • To personalise your greeting and settings, dial 759 and follow the instructions.

Useful info & tips

Voicemail storage

  • You can save up to 20 messages, each for up to 30 days.

Voicemail PIN

  • You’ll need a PIN to access your voicemail from another phone or when you’re abroad.
  • You’ll be asked to set up a PIN when you first access your voicemail, and you’ll need to set your PIN before travelling abroad.
  • To access your voicemail while you’re abroad dial +44 7488 222 000 and enter your PIN (roaming call charges to UK landlines apply when calling from non-EU destinations).
  • To access your voicemail from a different phone, call your mobile number and when you’re through to your voicemail press * and enter your PIN.

Voicemail charges

Depending on your plan, different charges to access your voicemail apply:

Forgotten your voicemail PIN

  • To reset your PIN dial 759 from your phone and follow the instructions.