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Set up your Sky Hub

This article will help you set up your Sky Hub if it looks similar to the one below (it could also be white). You can select the 'Play' icon to watch the Sky Hub set up video, download the Set Up Guide PDF, or follow the instructions below or in the palm of your hand using the My Sky app. Download it free, today*.

*Compatible device and 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi required (charges may apply). App features and functions vary by platform/device. See iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

If your Sky Hub looks like the one below, you'll need instructions to set up a Sky Q Hub

If you’re not sure about anything along the way, try the More help with your setup section.

Before you get started

In your Sky Hub pack, you should have received:

  • Your Sky Hub
  • A grey ADSL cable
  • Two microfilters
  • The power lead for your Sky Hub
  • A black Ethernet cable
  • A set up guide
  • A connect card

If you’re missing anything, please get in touch with us

How to set up your Sky Hub

A few things to remember

  • You need to fit microfilters from your new Sky Hub pack to all phone sockets in use in your home. 
  • Your Hub may need to download software, in its first 20 or so minutes, to get up and running properly. Your connection may seem slow or intermittent during this time.

  • Don’t switch off or unplug your Sky Hub. Keeping it on helps us optimise your speed and update your Hub’s software overnight.
  • If you find there are areas in your home not receiving strong wireless signal, you could try a Wireless Booster.

More help with your setup

  • I've set up my Sky Hub. How do I set up my home broadband network?

    For a wireless network:

    1. Make sure you’ve enabled Wi-Fi on any device you’re trying to use.

    2. Look for the name of your network on the Connect card that came with your Sky Hub. It'll also be printed underneath or on the back of your Sky Hub.

    3. Look for that network name in your device's wireless settings. Connect to it using the password, which you'll also find on the Connect card that came with your Sky Hub. Your password won't contain any numbers, and you should use all capital letters. For more detail, see our article Connect to your wireless network.

    If you'd like to connect to your router using an Ethernet cable, see our article Connect to your router using wires

  • How can I protect my network against viruses and other online security issues?

    There are a number of steps you can take: 

    • Set up Sky Broadband Shield. It's free for all Sky Broadband customers. It lets you choose the websites your family can see and can help keep you safe from viruses, sites associated with online fraud and more. For more, see our article Sky Broadband Shield explained.  
    • Trial McAfee Internet Security Suite free for 12 months. This free trial is also available to all Sky Broadband customers. Its' a great way to set up parental controls, benefit from up-to-date virus protection and guard your WiFi network. For more, see our article McAfee Internet Security Suite
      Please note that McAfee Internet Security is not available to download for Mac. 
    • Visit Internet Matters. This vital resource helps parents and carers with news, advice and guidance to help keep kids safe online. It's a great place to learn about issues like cyberbullying, sexting, online grooming and radicalisation. For more, go to

  • I've got loads of microfilters at home. Why should I only use this one?

    We can only guarantee your Sky Hub will work properly if you use the equipment we've sent you. 

  • What should I do with my old router?

    You can send your old router to us, even if it's non-Sky. We'll have it recycled as part of our take-back scheme. Find out more from our article Recycle your old equipment.

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