Secure your Sky Yahoo Mail account

Secure your Sky Yahoo Mail account email

To help protect your Sky Yahoo Mail account, we’re changing the way you access your emails.

To ensure your account is protected by modern security standards, we recommend you always upgrade your email app to the latest version and follow our Sky Yahoo Mail set up instructions.

If your email app setup doesn’t meet certain security standards, you’ll soon no longer be able to sign in using your usual password and you’ll need to generate a unique 16-digit app password instead.

To ensure you can still send and receive emails, you’ll need to update your email app with this new app password.

If you use more than one email app that doesn’t meet modern security standards, you can create a password for each.

Generate a new app password and update your settings >

Don’t worry, this only affects email apps. You’ll still be able to sign into your account using your usual password via

You can see and manage your existing list of app passwords in My Account.

Still need help securing your Sky Yahoo account?