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Sky remote control

Problems with your Sky remote

If you’re having difficulty with your Sky remote control, see the most common problems and instructions on how to fix them below, or follow these instructions in the palm of your hand using the My Sky app. Download it free, today*.

*Compatible device and 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi required (charges may apply). App features and functions vary by platform/device. See iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

Check the basics:

  • Check your sensor: Make sure there’s nothing blocking the line of sight between your Sky+ box and your Sky remote.

  • Check TV input settings: Make sure your TV is tuned into the correct input channel to view Sky. Press the input button on your TV remote and choose the input channel that relates to your Sky+ box.
  • Select correct TV mode: To control your Sky+ box, press sky on your Sky remote before pressing any other buttons; or to control your TV, press tv.

  • Batteries: If the red light on your Sky remote doesn’t flash when you press a button, insert a new set of batteries to see if this fixes your issue.
  • Reset your remote: Remove one battery from your Sky remote and then hold down select for at least 60 seconds. Re-insert the battery and press skyYou can also factory reset your remote by holding select and the red button at the same time until your remote’s red LED light flashes twice. Type 999 and then press select.

  • Reconfigure your remote: Press tv on your Sky remote, then press and hold select and i at the same time until your remote’s red LED light flashes twice. Press 1 (or 0 if you have a standard Sky box that has no recording functionality), then select, and the red LED should flash twice again. Press sky to finish. Check if this has fixed your issue.

Sky remote common problems:

  • My Sky remote won't work with my TV

    If you’ve recently bought a new TV or replaced the batteries in your Sky remote, you may want to program or re-program your Sky remote to control your TV.

    You can then control the volume or change channels all from your one Sky remote.

    > Program Sky remote to control your TV

  • What's my TV remote code?

    To find the correct remote code to program your Sky remote to control your TV, enter your TV make and model details in our online look up tool.

    > Get remote code

    Once you've got this, go to Program Sky remote to control your TV and follow the instructions.

    I can't find a remote code for my TV model?

    If the model of your TV isn’t listed in the online tool, try the following:

    1. Go to the online look up tool.
    2. Enter the make of your TV.
    3. Leave the model field blank.
    4. Select Get my code.

    This will bring up a list of generic codes for your TV manufacturer.

    If the make of your TV isn’t recognised, check that you’re spelling it correctly.  

    If it’s still not recognised, unfortunately your TV set can’t be controlled by your Sky remote. We do update our database regularly, so please check again at a later date.

  • The volume buttons won't work

    To control the volume on your TV with your Sky remote you’ll need to program your Sky remote.

    > Program Sky remote to control your TV

  • I can't change the channel

    Check the basics:

    If you haven’t already tried checking the basics above, please check:

    • The batteries have not run out.
    • TV mode is set to sky, not tv.
    • TV input channel selected is the one for your Sky+ box.
    • There’s nothing blocking the line of sight between the Sky remote sensor and your Sky+ box.

    Check your Sky box:

    Next, check your Sky box is working correctly.

    1. Go to the Sky box and press one of the front panel buttons.
    2. Check whether the Sky box responds.
    3. If it does, then it is still a problem with your remote.
    4. If it doesn’t, check the settings of your Sky box.

    Reset your Sky remote:

    If you are still having problems, try and reset your Sky remote.  Please note:  If your Sky remote is currently programmed to control your TV and volume settings, you’ll need to re-program it after you’ve reset it.

    1. Remove the batteries, then press and hold down select for 30 seconds.
    2. Re-insert the batteries and replace the battery cover.
    3. Press sky on your Sky remote. The remote control will flash twice.
    4. Press tv guide to bring up your Sky Guide and check that your Sky remote now works.
    5. Optional step: Program Sky remote to control your TV.

  • Still having problems?

    If you’ve tried the options above and you’re still having problems with your Sky remote, try the options below:

    Order a new Sky remote online. 
    > Order Sky remote

    Visit our Sky Community and browse the advice provided by Sky customers and Sky experts about Remotes and Accessories.
    > Visit Sky Community forum

    Get in touch with one of our Sky experts.
    > Contact us