Problems with your recordings and Planner

If you’re having problems when trying to record a programme or playback your recordings, try following the options below.

1. Clear your deleted items and reset your Sky+ box
  • Scroll to the Deleted tab, press select, highlight each recording and press yellow to permanently delete them.

Then reset your Sky+ box:

  • Turn off your Sky+ box and unplug from the wall socket for 60 seconds.
  • Plug it back in at the wall socket and switch the box on.
  • Try recording a programme or playing back a recording from your Planner.
2. Rebuild your Planner

Please note: This won’t delete any previous recordings, but may interrupt recordings in progress.

  • Press services on your Sky remote, highlight help and press select.
  • Highlight Sky+ Rebuild and select.
  • Press select after you see the onscreen message. The Planner rebuild may take up to four minutes before switching off and back on again.
  • Wait three minutes after the red standby light has appeared, then press sky on your remote control. When the power light on your Sky box changes to green, try using your Planner to record and view recordings.
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