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Problems accessing secure websites

If you can see most websites, but are having trouble viewing secure web pages such as shopping checkout pages or online banking, changing your security settings should fix the problem. Many secure websites will only work if you let them put a small file called a cookie on your computer.

If you have installed McAfee Internet Security Suite it will automatically block any dangerous cookies that websites might try to install on your computer, but you do need to allow some cookies to be put on your computer so that you can sign in to these secure websites.

Check that McAfee has not been set to reject all cookies

  1. Log in to your computer as the administrator.
  2. Open the McAfee Security Centre.
  3. Select Privacy Service from the main menu.
  4. Click Manage Users.
  5. Select the user whose settings you want to change.
  6. Click Edit.
  7. Click on the Cookies tab.
  8. Check that Accept Cookies is selected.

Check that your browser is accepting cookies

Please check the support notes for your web browser to check if it's accepting cookies.

  • Internet Explorer

    1. Select the Tools menu and then Internet Options.
    2. Select the Privacy tab.
    3. Use the slider under Settings to set your privacy level.
    4. It should not be set to Block all Cookies.
    5. Setting the slider to High, Medium High or Medium should let you access the secure site you need to.
    6. Select OK.

  • Mozilla Firefox

    1. Select the Tools menu and then Options.
    2. Select Privacy.
    3. Check that the drop-down box is set to Remember History.
    4. Select OK.

  • Google Chrome

    1. Select the Tools menu (the small spanner) and then Options.
    2. Select the Under the Bonnet tab.
    3. Click on the Content Settings button.
    4. Select the Cookies tab.
    5. Select the option to Allow local data to be set.
    6. Click Close and Close again.

  • Safari 5

    1. Select the Settings menu (the cog) and then Preferences.
    2. Select the Security tab.
    3. Under Accept cookies select Only from sites I visit.
    4. Close the pop-up box using the little square in the top right-hand corner.