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No images or videos showing

If you can’t see any videos or pictures on your web pages, try these solutions to fix the problem.

No videos

You need special programs (called plug-ins) that work with your web browser to let you see videos and play audio files. If there is just a black or grey box where the video or audio player should be, or a blank space, you might not have the right program to play them. Usually the website you're visiting will prompt you to download the plug-in you need so that you can play the video.

No images

If you can’t see pictures on some websites, the pictures have probably been deleted from the site. But if you can’t see images on any websites quickly check your browser settings:

  • Internet Explorer

    1. Select Tools then Internet Options.
    2. Select Advanced.
    3. In the Settings box find Multimedia and check that the Show Pictures box is ticked.
    4. Click OK then refresh the browser.

  • Mozilla Firefox

    1. Select the Tools menu, then click Options.
    2. Select the Content tab.
    3. Tick the box next to Load images automatically.
    4. Click OK, then refresh the browser.

  • Google Chrome

    1. Select the Tools menu (the small spanner) and then click Options.
    2. Click on the Under the Bonnet tab.
    3. Click the Content Settings button.
    4. Select the Images tab.
    5. Select Show all images.
    6. Click Close, then Close again and refresh the browser.

  • Safari

    1. Select the Settings menu (the cog), then Preferences.
    2. Click on the Appearance tab.
    3. Tick the box for Display images when the page opens.
    4. Close the pop-up box using the small cross in the top right-hand corner, then refresh the browser.