Moving home with Sky made easy

Everything you need to know about taking your services with you to your new home. Plain and simple.

Moving Sky Q

Not got Sky Q? When you get in touch, ask us about upgrading so you can enjoy our most advanced TV experience ever.

Good to know: If you’ve got Disney+ or Netflix with Sky Q, you can continue using the apps on your other devices while you’re waiting for Sky Q to be setup in your new home. If you’re moving from Sky+ to Sky Q, you’ll need to wait until your Sky Q service is active to activate and use Disney+ or Netflix.

Moving Sky+ or Sky+HD

If there’s already a Sky dish and the cables running from it at your new home, you can set it up yourself or book an engineer visit.

Please note: If you're taking Sky Multiscreen with you to your new home, you'll need to book an engineer visit.

Benefits of a Sky engineer visit:

  • All completed work is covered by a 90-day warranty, with peace of mind that you have an expertly installed system.
  • They’ll re-use any existing dish and cables, or replace them (if needed), at no extra charge.

Why not ask your Home Move expert about upgrading to Sky Q during your move, so you can enjoy our most advanced TV experience ever.

Self set up

Book an engineer visit

Moving Broadband & Talk

Moving Sky Mobile only

You’ll just need to let us know your new address.

If you don't have any other Sky services (no TV, Broadband or Talk) and you've just got Sky Mobile, you can change the address for your mobile account online. You’ll need your phone handy and your Sky iD log in details to do this.

Your service is continuous and won't stop when you move home.

Please note: You'll also need to have cleared any outstanding balance on your account.

Ready to get in touch?

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