Sky Home Move FAQs

Below, you'll find answers to questions you might have about moving your Sky services to a new address.

If you're a Sky Mobile customer and you don't have any other Sky services, please see our Moving home help article.

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How can I book my Sky Home Move?

It's quick and easy to book your Home Move. To find out how, go to

How much notice should I give to Sky to book my move?

You'll need to give us at least two weeks’ notice to allow us enough time to move your services to your new address. You can book your Home Move up to 90 days in advance.

How much will my Sky+ Home Move cost?

If you require a Sky engineer to install your Sky TV at your new address on a weekday, an up-front one-off payment of £35.00 is required. An additional £15.00 cost applies for weekend visits. If you need a ‘non-standard’ installation, this may cost extra.

Whether your installation is classed as standard or not is depends on how easy it is to set up your Sky TV.

As a rough guide, a standard installation covers:

  • Installing your dish and Sky box(es).
  • Neatly running cabling inside and outside the home (e.g. around skirting boards, door frames etc).

Examples of a non-standard installation could involve:

  • Difficulty accessing the dish location safely using standard equipment.
  • Concealing cables (e.g. in lofts, cavity walls, under floor boards).
  • Installation of additional cabling to link to a communal system (e.g. a block of flats).

Non-standard installations may require an additional charge. When possible, we’ll let you know this at the time you book your Home Move. However, in some cases an engineer will need to assess the specific situation at your property before making a judgement.

Please visit for more information.

Will my Sky products and services work as soon as I move into my new home?


Your Sky TV will work as soon as the box is plugged in, switched on and connected to a Sky dish. If you already have a Sky dish, you can set up your Sky TV yourself using the instructions on the Sky+ TV Self-setup tab. If you’d rather not, we’ll arrange to send an engineer to your home as soon as we can.

Sky Broadband and Sky Talk

When you call us to book your home move, you'll be given a provisional activation date for your Sky Broadband and Sky Talk.

We'll also send you a letter within ten days to confirm this date. Your installation could still be delayed by any technical issues BT Openreach might have installing your line, but if this happens, we'll let you know.

What do I need to take with me to my new home?

Please remember to take all of your Sky equipment with you to your new property, except for your satellite dish and the cables running from it. For more information of what you need to take with you, read our article What do to before you move.

Will I still be charged for my Sky products if my move is delayed?

Sky +

Your Sky TV service is continuous and will not be stopped when you unplug your Sky box. This means you can continue to use Sky Go throughout your Home Move journey. Your TV billing amount will therefore not change and you will continue to be charged in the usual way.

Sky Broadband and Talk

Sky Broadband and Talk, will be stopped at the address you’re moving from and restart at your new home on the dates provided to you. You won’t be charged while these services are stopped. Charges may apply for non-standard installations.

Can I take my phone number with me?

If you’re an existing Sky customer, unfortunately we’re currently unable to transfer your phone number to a new property as part of a home move.

Can I still have my Sky box(es) installed if the phone line isn't activated?

Yes. There’s no longer a requirement to connect your Sky box directly to a phone line. In order to access Sky’s on demand service including the UK’s biggest Catch Up TV service, you’ll need to connect your Sky+HD box to a working broadband network using an On Demand Connector, built-in Wi-Fi your Sky+HD box is Wi-Fi-enabled, or an Ethernet cable.

Can I use Sky Go even if I haven’t installed my Sky box yet?

Yes, providing you have a broadband or 3G/4G connection available and you have an active Sky TV subscription.

Will my Sky Broadband speed be the same at my new address as it is now?

Not necessarily. Your Sky Broadband speed depends on how close your new property is to the telephone exchange. When you book your Home Move, the advisor should be able to give you an estimate of the speed at your new property.

If I move home with Sky, will I need to take a new contract for my Sky products and services?

No, you won’t be entered into a new contract if you move with the same products and services. Your existing terms and conditions will apply. If you choose to take any additional products or services you may have new a minimum term attached.

Can I move home if I have an outstanding balance on my account?

No, unfortunately you can’t take advantage of Sky’s Home Move service if you have any overdue payments on your account. But, you can clear your overdue balance over the phone whilst booking your move, or make a payment online beforehand.

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