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Recording on Sky Q

Record up to six shows on a Sky Q 2TB box or record three shows with a Sky Q 1TB box, all whilst watching live TV.

To record six shows on your Sky Q 2TB box, go to Settings, then Setup, followed by Preferences. Change the Maximum number of recordings to 6 and follow the on screen instructions.

Please note: Changing this setting to 6 will remove the live channel preview in the Mini Guide and the split screen feature on Sky Sports. The Maximum number of recordings will need to be changed back to 5 to re-enable these features.

Find out about Recording on Sky Q by watching our help video or reading the information below. 

Recording a show 

To schedule a recording for TV or radio shows up to seven days before they're broadcast:

  1. Highlight your chosen show in the TV Guide or Mini Guide then press .
  2. If the show is part of a series, the "Record series" icon will appear and all episodes will be recorded, including future series when available. Press again if you only want to record that episode.

Scheduling a recording using Remote Record can be done via the Sky Q app.

When you record on Sky Q, you’ll be able to access it on all boxes and registered devices. For example, a show recorded on your Sky Q box will be available on your Sky Q Mini box in the Recordings tab.

Manage your recordings

Press sky on your Sky Q remote or select Recordings from the Home screen.

To watch a recording, select it from Most Recent or A-Z. If you've already watched part of it, it'll begin from where you left off. To watch from the beginning, select Watch from start. Unwatched recordings will have a white dot next to its name.

To delete a recording, find it in Most Recent or A-Z and select Delete, or if there’s more than one episode, select Delete all.

To restore a deleted recording or permanently delete it, go to Deleted and select Undelete or Delete forever.

To cancel a scheduled recording, select Scheduled, find the show or series then select Cancel recording.

If your Sky Q box is running out of disk space, it will delete the oldest recordings. To prevent a recording from being deleted, select it from Most Recent, A-Z or Disk Space and select Keep. The letter K will then appear in the recording’s programme information. 

Error messages

  • This programme cannot be recorded

    Possible reasons include:

    • You've tried to record a pay-per-view event that you don't have access to. See Buying a box office event for more details on how to purchase pay-per-view events.
    • You've tried to record a pay-per-view event ordered by phone or online - these can't be recorded.
    • The channel you've tried to record is unavailable at the moment or isn't available for recording, for example a preview or demonstration channel.
    • There may be a problem with your viewing card. Go to channel 106 to check if there’s an on screen message which will tell you what to do next. 
  • Item cannot be deleted
    A recording cannot be deleted if it’s being watched on your Sky Q box, Sky Q Mini box or Sky Q app. The recording will need to be stopped before it can be deleted, then to delete it

    1. Press sky on your Sky Q remote or select Recordings from the Home screen.
    2. Select either A-ZMost recent or Disk space, choose the recording and select Delete.
  • Programme cannot be recorded because too many recordings are scheduled for this time

    You can schedule four recordings at the same time on a Sky Q 2TB box or three recordings with a Sky Q 1TB box. If you try to record too many shows you'll need to cancel one recording before scheduling a new one.

    To do this:

    1. Press sky on your Sky Q remote or select Recordings from the Home screen.
    2. Select Scheduled, find the recording you wish to cancel and select Cancel recording. If a different broadcast is available to record, you’ll find it in More episodes.

    You'll now be able to add the other show you want to record.

  • This programme is no longer available

    It’s likely that this has been deleted using another Sky Q box in your home.

    To check if you can recover the recording:

    1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote, select Recordings, then Deleted.
    2. Select the recording you wish to restore. Select Undelete and the recording will return to Recordings.

    If the show has expired, you won't be able to recover it. You can find other shows available to download in Catch Up TV, Sky Box Sets, Sky Store or Sky Cinema.

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