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Manage your bills

Manage your Sky bills and payments

  • Manage multiple accounts

    You can add up to nine additional users to your Sky household account so they can enjoy the same benefits and services as you.

    1. Sign in to our Manage users page at
    2. Select the Set up an additional user button.
    3. Insert the name and other details of the user you wish to add..
    4. Create a Sky iD username and password for the additional user, which their Sky email address will be based on.
    5. Check your additional user is happy with our Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy and contact preferences, then tick the Additional user's agreement boxes.
    6. Select the Save button to submit your additional user.
    7. Let the additional user know their password, and remind them that they may wish to reset this to something only they will know.
    8. We'll email them to say they have a Sky iD and can sign into sites.

    When you're setting up an additional Sky account, it's a good idea to give each account a memorable name to help you tell them apart when using this service.

  • Understanding your Sky bill

    You can view an up to date statement and 11 of your previous bills at any time on the Sky website or on our Interactive service on your TV.

    Your Sky bill gives you a full breakdown of your current bill including:

    • Sky TV: This includes TV subscription package, any multi-screen subscriptions and HD.
    • Sky Talk: This includes Sky Talk line rental, call packages and any additional call charges.
    • Sky Broadband: This includes any Sky Broadband subscription packages.
    • Sky Box Office: This includes any Pay-per-view services including Sky Box Office or Sky Store.

  • Understanding your current bill

    To the right of each product, you'll see a Show details button.

    Selecting this button will show you a breakdown of any charges or credits associated with that product. This includes any adjustments for offers or discounts.

    We bill you in advance for your fixed price services. This includes TV subscriptions, Sky Broadband, Sky Talk line rental and call packages. For all other services you are charged in arrears after you have used them, this includes call charges, Sky Box office events and Sky Store.

  • Sky Talk bill itemisation

    You can find a full break down of your bill, which will show you each call made, the duration of the call and to which number and area. This includes national and international calls, calls to mobiles and calls to non geographic or NGN numbers, often used by call centres and businesses, beginning with codes such as 0845, 0870 and 0871.

    If you notice that your Sky Talk bill is higher than you would like you can set up call charge alerts for your account.

  • Your first bill

    You’ll only start paying for your service from the date it becomes active. You’ll then receive a letter or email showing your monthly charge.

    Your first payment will be taken 14 days after your service begins. This amount will cover the 14 days used and the remainder of your first month. For example, if your service was activated on 4 July, payment will be taken on 18 July and will cover the period 4 July – 3 August.

  • Your second bill

    A second payment will be taken approximately 14 days after your first bill was paid, dependent on the date you have selected your Direct Debit/Credit Card payment to be taken. As payments are made in advance, this will cover your next month’s subscription.

    You may notice that the dates billed cover more than one month. This is because the bill will include any services that have become active since the previous payment, such as Sky Broadband, Sky Talk or Sky Line Rental.

    So using the previous example, your second bill will cover services for the period 4 August – 3 September. If you’ve had Sky Broadband become active since 18 July, you'll also be billed for the period 18 July – 3 August.

  • Make a payment, change your payment method or payment due date

    You can manage your payments from your My Sky account, through your Sky remote or the Sky Service app.

    If you’d like more information on how to do this, please visit our help articles.
    Make a payment >
    Changing your payment method or payment details >
    Changing your payment date >

  • Additional bill information

    We calculate your bill and upload it to your My Sky account 14 days before your payment due date, allowing you to view your bill in advance of payment being collected.

    If your bill amount isn’t what you were expecting, check your bill to see if any of your Sky subscription offers have come to an end, or if you’ve been charged for a Sky Box Office or Sky Store purchase. If you’re a Sky Talk customer, check your itemised Sky Talk bill for any call charges that may have increased your bill this month.

    If you’re still unsure whether you’ve been charged the correct amount, please contact us for further assistance.

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