Introduce a friend to Sky

Looking to introduce a friend to Sky or to track your reward progress?

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Here at Sky, not only do we offer vouchers for Sky TV customers who introduce friends to Sky TV, but we also give their friend a voucher too. To be eligible for a voucher, the new customer needs to subscribe to a Sky TV package, or one that includes Sky TV.

As long as your friend's using the unique code we sent them, you’ll be able to claim your reward as soon as their subscription's up and running. 

If you’re being introduced to Sky TV, you’ll receive your reward once the first payment for your subscription has been taken.

Please note: It can take up to 45 days from your first subscription payment for the voucher to arrive. If it still hasn't arrived after this time, please contact us by selecting no from the question below. You’ll need to provide your Sky account number and the offer you joined Sky with.

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