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How to use Messenger in Sky Yahoo Mail

Messenger is a browser-based instant messaging feature integrated with Sky Yahoo Mail on the web. 

  • Starting a conversation in Messenger

    1. Sign in to Sky Yahoo Mail and select the Messenger icon on the top-left hand side of the screen.
    2. Select the Compose icon to open the message window.
    3. Type the name or Yahoo email address of the contact you want to chat with in the To: box. To chat with more than one person at a time, click Add more.
    4. Type in the message box to start a conversation. If your contact is offline, they’ll get your message after they sign in.

      Please note: You can only chat with contacts using Sky Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Mail. It's not possible to send an instant message to any of your contacts who use other email providers like, etc.

    5. Your chat will stay open in a new window that floats on top of Sky Yahoo Mail. Select the x to close it when you’ve finished chatting or _ to minimise the window.

  • Joining a conversation in Messenger

    1. If another user sends a message to you, a number notification will appear over the Messenger icon. The number will indicate how many new messages you have received.

      Please note: If you received the message while offline, the number will appear when you sign in.

    2. Select the Messenger icon and select the chat to view the new message/s.

    Conversations with new users:

    If someone you haven’t chatted with before sends you a message, you’ll receive an invitation in Yahoo Messenger to connect with them.

    1. Select the Messenger icon and above your list of conversations, select Invitations.
    2. If you know the person and want to chat with them, select Accept beside their name. If you don't know the person or don't want to chat with them, select Block.

  • Blocking someone from contacting you on Messenger

    If you wish to prevent a user from contacting you:

    1. Select the Messenger icon and then select the conversation from the person you want to block.
    2. Select the Settings (i) icon and select Block user.
    3. Click Block again to confirm.

    Please note: The person that you block won’t know that they’ve been blocked. The conversation history you have with that person will disappear, and can’t be retrieved even if you unblock them.

    To unblock a contact:

    1. Select the Messenger icon and then select the Settings (i) icon.
    2. Select Blocked People and a new window will open.
    3. Highlight the contact you wish to unblock and select Unblock contact.

  • Turning Messenger on or off

    It’s not possible to completely remove or uninstall the Messenger feature from Sky Yahoo Mail. However, you can prevent friends from finding you and sending you messages.

    1. Select the Messenger icon and then the Settings (i) icon.
    2. Scroll to Privacy settings and uncheck the box next to Let friends find me. 

  • Conversation history

    Your conversations list will keep all of your messages available to view.

    If you choose to delete any conversations, you’ll not be able to retrieve them, even if you start a new conversation with that person.

    The other person will still be able to see the conversation history unless they also delete it.

    To delete a conversation:

    1. Select the Messenger icon and click the conversation you want to delete.
    2. When the conversation pops up, select the Settings (i) icon.
    3. Select Clear conversation.

    Please note: It’s not possible to clear a group conversation, although you can leave the group in order to get rid of group messages and stop receiving further messages from that group.

    1. Select the group conversation you wish to leave.
    2. When the conversation pops up, select the Settings (i) icon.
    3. Select Leave group.