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Set up your Sky box

If you’ve upgraded or replaced your Sky box and need to set it up yourself, watch the below video or follow these instructions.

  • 1. You will need

    • A Sky+HD box.
    • A Sky+HD remote control.
    • 1 HDMI cable.
    • 1 power cable.
    • 2 AA batteries for the remote control.

    If anything’s missing, contact us.

  • 2. Remove your existing Sky box

    1. Switch off and unplug your existing Sky box at the mains.
    2. Pull out the cable that connects the Sky box to your TV.
    3. Unscrew and remove both satellite (LNB) cables from each DISH INPUT port.
    4. Unplug the telephone line.
    5. Remove your viewing card.

  • 3. Set up your new Sky+HD box

    Leave at least 10cm of ventilation space around the box.

    1. Connect your satellite (LNB) cables to the DISH INPUT 1 and DISH INPUT 2 sockets. It doesn’t matter which goes into which port. If you only have one satellite cable, connect it to DISH INPUT 1, then see the Set up Single Feed Mode section below.
    2. Plug the pink end of your HDMI cable into the box’s pink socket and the black end into your TV’s HDMI port. If you don’t have an HDTV, use a SCART cable.
    3. Plug the blue end of the power cable into the box’s blue port, then switch on the box at the mains.
    4. Insert your viewing card with the chip facing up. Wait 3 minutes.
    5. Switch on your TV and press the source/input button on your TV remote to tune to the correct input (usually the symbol is a box with an arrow pointing into it).
    6. Put the batteries into your Sky remote and press sky on the remote. Wait for the standby light to turn green. If it doesn't, wait another minute and try again.
    7. Once you see “Your Sky box is not connected to the broadband router”, press select.

  • 4. Connect to your router

    Router with a WPS button:

    1. Press and hold the router WPS button for three seconds then immediately press the WPS button on your Sky box.
    2. The wireless light on your Sky box will flash amber then turn solid amber when connected.

    Router without a WPS button:

    1. You should already be in the Network tab of the settings menu (if not, press services > settings > network on your remote).
    2. Select Connect with Password.
    3. Select your wireless network (SSID). If you're not sure what it’s called, check the back of your router.
    4. Enter your password, then press select

  • 5. Activate your subscription channels

    On your TV

    1. Turn to channel 106 and you'll see “Your Sky viewing card needs to be paired to your Sky+HD box”.
    2. Press select and you'll see the message “Request was successful”.
    3. It might take a moment for channels to become available.


    Go to Activate your channels and sign in with your Sky iD.

  • 6. Single Feed Mode

    Follow these steps if you only have one satellite cable:

    1. On your Sky remote press services, press 0, 0, 1 and select on your remote to access the hidden Setup menu. If you can’t see it, try a software update on your Sky box.
    2. Highlight Single Feed Mode and change the setting to ON.
    3. Press the green button then select. Your Sky box will switch off.
    4. After a few minutes, press sky to switch it back on.

  • 7. Final checks

    To check everything’s set up correctly:

    • Check Channel 108: You should see either Sky Atlantic or Sky Atlantic HD depending on your package.
    • Check Sky+: Highlight a programme and press the record button on your Sky remote. It should appear in your Planner.
    • Check Sky Sports/Sky Cinema: If you’ve subscribed to Sky Sports and/or Sky Cinema, check that you can watch these channels.

    If one or more of these checks have failed and you’re seeing the error message “This is the wrong viewing card for this Sky+HD box”, re-insert your viewing card and retry the Activate your subscription channels steps above.

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