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How to get the most out of your Sky Q box

Learn more about what your Sky Q box can offer you by selecting from the options below.

  • Recordings

    You can record up to six shows on a Sky Q 2TB box or record three shows with a Sky Q 1TB box, all whilst watching live TV.

    To do this, go to Settings, then Setup, followed by Preferences. Change the Maximum number of recordings to 6 and follow the on screen instructions.

    Please note: Changing this setting to 6 will remove the live channel preview in the Mini Guide and the split screen feature on Sky Sports. 

    Your recordings have the following sections:

    • Most recent displays all your recordings, downloads, purchases and rentals, with the most recent listed first. 
    • Continue allows you to continue watching your shows from where you left off, whether it's mid-episode or in the middle of a series. 
    • A-Z lets you view your recordings and downloads in alphabetical order, so you can find what you're looking for with ease.
    • Scheduled lists upcoming shows you’ve set to record.
    • Downloading displays the queue of shows you’re downloading, including ones that haven’t yet started.
    • Purchases will have anything you’ve purchased from Sky Store. You can also re-download any archived Buy & Keep purchases by visiting this section of your recordings.
    • Rentals contain shows you’ve currently rented.
    • Disk Space tells you the size of each show you currently have recorded or downloaded and the percentage of disk space being used.
    • Deleted is where downloaded and recorded shows you’ve deleted are kept. From here you can undelete a show or delete it forever.

    To find out more, watch the video below.

  • My Q

    My Q is your own collection of shows chosen especially for you. You’ll find suggestions for the best new shows, personalised recommendations based on what you like to watch and the most recent shows you’ve viewed, making it easier to pick up where you left off. 

    Continue watching: Find shows you've already started but not yet finished, as well as the next episode of a series you're currently watching. You can find all of the shows you’re part way through by navigating to Recordings and then selecting Continue.

    New series: Here you'll discover new series of shows you've watched before, as well as series you may be interested in. You can also find a great range of new series by navigating to TV Guide and then selecting New Series.

    Sky Cinema, Sky Store and Catch Up TV: We'll also recommend shows we think you'll love and even suggest shows to match your viewing habits at particular times of the day.

  • Sky Sports Interactive

    With the new split screen functionality, you’ll be able to enjoy even more from Sky Sports.

    Press the red button on your remote when you’re watching Sky Sports and you’ll be taken to the interactive screen. From there, you can select Highlights to watch clips of previous events alongside the live match or customise your viewing using split screen view where you can watch two sports channels alongside each other.

    Also, if you’re watching the F1, you’ll be able to switch between alternative camera views to enjoy the race from a range of angles.

    If you've missed the start of a live Sky Sports Premier League match, select Watch from start to watch it from the beginning. You can also use the progress bar to find key moments in the game, allowing you to watch that winning goal again and again.

    To avoid an overlap of sound when watching highlights, audio will play from whichever event you’ve selected and you can switch the sound between the live event and clip. If you decide you only want to watch one event, simply press select again and it’ll stretch to full screen.

    Please note: Split screen functionality is not available on the Sky Q Mini box. 

  • Voice Search
  • Home

    From the Home screen, you can quickly access the areas of your Sky Q box. Simply press the Home button on your Sky Q remote to explore what’s on offer.

    You can go into the TV Guide to find what’s on now or later, see personalised suggestions in My Q or find the latest from Sky Cinema, Sports, Sky Box Sets and more.

    To find out more, watch the video below.

  • Viewing tips

    You can use the Mini Guide while watching live TV to see what’s on a different channel or what’s on later. If you’re watching a download or recording, you can use the Mini Guide to find similar shows or movies.

    There’s also a few handy tricks when using your remote such as swiping right on the touchpad of a Sky Q touch remote or pressing right on a Sky Q remote to find your last viewed channel.

    If subtitles or audio description are available, you can easily access these settings by pressing the ? button on your Sky Q remote.

    To find out more, watch the video below.

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