Before you book

  1. Outstanding balances - You'll need to clear any outstanding balance on your account.

  2. Engineer visit - We'll need to send an engineer to set up Sky Q at your new home, even if there's a Sky dish installed already.

  3. Booking costs - Weekday visits cost £50; Weekends are £65. Sky VIP members can book a home move for free.  

    There might be an activation fee to set up Sky Broadband at your new home. We'll let you know about any other costs when we book your move.

  4. On Demand - Your broadband needs to be active to enjoy all the features of On Demand.

  5. Landline Number - If you're moving Sky Broadband and/or Talk, we'll give you a new landline number. You can't keep your old number.

  6. Moving to a flat - Moving to a flat? You'll need to check if your new building is Sky Q ready. Don't worry if it's not, it only takes a small system update, which we can help you with.

  7. We need at least two week's notice to move your products to your new address.