Your home move

Here's some handy info you might need if you've already booked your move.

Track your move

Want to see the progress of your move? Check how everything's going in Order Tracking

Cancelling or changing the date

We need 48 hours notice to cancel or change the date of your visit. This allows us to make sure your services remain active at your current home. If you cancel or change it on the day or the day before, there might be a £25 charge added to your next bill.

If you’re only moving Sky TV, you cancel or change your engineer date online. Go to Order Tracking

Moving Sky Broadband and Talk? You'll need to contact us. Get in touch by using the options below. We'll cancel your home move or delay the date for you.

Your bills

There'll be some changes to your first bills after you're all settled at your new home. They'll work in a similar way to your very first bills when you joined us. Depending on which products you've got, they might be slightly different.

Broadband and Talk

When we book your home move, your broadband and talk will stop at your old address. Because you pay in advance, we'll refund any over-payments you've made for that month. When you're all up and running at your new home, we'll start billing you again. The first bill after you've moved includes the charges for your broadband and talk from the date we switched them back on, up to your next payment due date, then for the month in advance.

  • We'll let you know about any installation charges, or changes to your broadband and talk package costs when we book your home move. You'll also get an email or letter to confirm.

Your engineer visit

On visit day, we need someone aged 18 or over, who's authorised to make decisions to be at home. Our engineers won't enter your property without them. They might need to decide on things like where to drill holes in your walls, where to run cables and where to put your dish.

For health and safety reasons, our engineers can't install anything if there's scaffolding on your property, and might not be able to if your walls are cladded. They're insured and trained to work in lofts, but will decide if it's safe on visit day.

If you're moving to a flat and the dish/cabling has already been installed, you'll need to get in touch with the company who's responsible for the system's maintenance if any work is needed on that equipment. Your warranty only covers your Sky box in these circumstances.

Any work our engineers do is covered by a 90-day warranty - peace of mind that your system was installed by an expert. They'll re-use any existing equipment, or replace it for free if needed.

Sky Go When your broadband is up and running at your new home, you can watch the shows you love on Sky Go.

We've launched a new version of the Sky Go app featuring:

  • Improved mobile friendly layout
  • In-page navigation
  • Personalised recommendations
  • Connection to your Sky Q box – download your recordings onto the app before you move to watch them whilst you wait for your Sky Q box to be installed at your new home.

Want to know more? See our guide.

Sky Mobile customer? Stream Sky Go on your mobile or tablet without using any of your data.