Sky and Get It Right from a Genuine Site FAQs

Sky is supporting the Get It Right from a Genuine Site initiative. This is a government-backed scheme which aims to support Britain’s creative industry by informing people about legal sources of content, with the aim of reducing the illegal sharing of copyrighted material. By sharing illegally rather than enjoying it from legitimate sources, you aren’t supporting the growth and success of the content you love.

The campaign was initiated by the creators of copyrighted material, and supported by the UK’s largest internet service providers, to help people access content from genuine sites, whether it be music, films, books, sports or any other creative material.

Visit the Get It Right from a Genuine Site website for more information on this initiative or you can read more about Sky’s Broadband policies and our approach to protecting copyright.

If you have any questions about the Get It Right from a Genuine Site campaign or email alerts regarding copyrighted material, please see our most frequently asked questions below.