Get BT Sport on your Sky box

Football, UFC, MotoGP, Rugby Union, WWE… BT Sport has a lot to offer sports fans. You can get BT Sport with Sky, bringing all the sport you love together in one place with one bill. All you need to do is sign up for the BT Sport Pack or the Sky Sports and BT Sport Bundle.

What’s included?

With the BT Sport Pack, you can watch:

  • BT Sport 1
  • BT Sport 2
  • BT Sport 3
  • ESPN
  • BT Sport red button channels
  • Catch up programmes via On Demand on your Sky Box, and Video on Demand from Sky Go (this isn’t available if you subscribe directly with BT).

… all in HD as standard.

Also, if you have Multiscreen, BT Sport will also be available on your Sky Q mini boxes and other Sky+ boxes at no additional cost.

If you take the Sky Sports and BT Sport bundle, you get all of that, plus everything Sky Sports has to offer.

Good to know

Sorry, BT Sport Ultimate (UHD) and the BT Sport app aren't available through Sky, but BT Sport content is available in the Sky Go app.

How can I get it?

You can upgrade to BT Sport pack or the Sky Sports and BT Sport bundle online, or through the Interactive section of your Sky box.

How will I be billed?

The great thing about the BT Sport pack is that it brings all your billing together in one place. If you add the BT Sport pack, you’ll be billed for it in line with the rest of your TV subscription and other Sky services.

Want to know more about your Sky bill? Check out our guide to viewing and understand your Sky bill.

What if I already have BT Sport with BT?

If you sign up for BT Sport with Sky but you already pay BT for BT Sport, we can delay your activation for 30 days. This gives you time to cancel BT Sport with BT and move your billing over to Sky.

If you take BT Sport with Sky but don’t cancel your subscription with BT, you’ll be billed twice – once by BT, once by Sky. We won’t be able to offer you any refunds if you get billed twice, so make sure you check your contract with BT and cancel your existing BT Sport subscription as soon as you take BT Sport with Sky.

I’ve got BT Sport with Sky, but my channels aren’t working – help!

It can take up to 4 hours after you activate BT Sport with Sky for the channels work on your Sky box.

If it’s been more than four hours and you see an on-screen message when trying to watch BT sport, type the message into our on-screen message lookup tool and follow the help steps provided.

Good to know

If you have any other problems with BT Sport, such as picture or sound problems, you can find all our help guides at

Remember, if you're billed for BT Sport by BT, you'll need to contact them directly for help with any billing or account problems.

What about my recordings?

If you take BT Sport with Sky, you'll have access toany BT Sport recordings you made on your Sky box after April 2019. Unfortunately, any recordings made before April 2019 will be lost when you move to BT Sport with Sky.