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Call troubleshooting

Fix problems with your phone

If you’re having difficulty making or receiving calls on your landline phone, you can watch our help video or take a look at the most common problems and their fixes below. Alternatively, you can follow these instructions in the palm of your hand using the My Sky app. Download it free, today*.

*Compatible device and 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi required (charges may apply). App features and functions vary by platform/device. See iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

  • No dial tone

    If you can't hear a dial tone, you should check:

    • The phone cable hasn't been accidentally damaged.
    • The volume settings on your phone.
    • The phone is plugged in to the mains power socket.
    • If you have a cordless phone, make sure the base unit is plugged in and your phone is fully charged.
    • If you have more than one landline phone in your home, check that none of them are off the hook.

    Then, try plugging a different phone into the master socket, if you have one available. Your master socket is usually located where the telephone line comes into the home.

    If you hear a dial tone with a different phone, the problem is likely to be with your handset. 

  • Faulty equipment

    1. Unplug all equipment that’s connected to your phone line. This might include; your landline phone, Sky box, broadband router and microfilter.

    2. Plug your landline phone directly into the master phone socket and make a test call.

    3. If this has fixed the issue, plug the microfilter back in first and then plug everything back in one by one, checking the phone line each time to see if a fault occurs.

    For more information about microfilters see the “Noise or interference on the line” option below.

    4. If you've plugged in a piece of equipment and there's a problem, please contact the manufacturer of the faulty equipment.

  • Beeping on the line

    If you can hear a beeping, intermittent dial tone on your line, this means you've received a voicemail and there isn’t a fault with your phone line.

    Dial 1571 to use your Sky Talk Voicemail.

  • Phone line faults in your local area

    Please check for any problems or faults affecting our network.

    You'll need your Sky Talk landline phone number or Sky iD to log in. If you've forgotten your Sky iD details you can reset them on the Service Status page.

     > Check Service Status

  • Noise or interference on the line

    If you’re experiencing noise on the line when making phone calls it might be because your microfilter isn’t installed correctly.

    What is a microfilter?

    Microfilters are a small white box with a phone cable attached.

    They stop any interference on the line and let you use your phone and broadband connection at the same time.

    Each microfilter has two sockets:

    • One for your broadband router.

    • One for any other device, such as your landline phone or Sky box.

    How to set up your microfilter:

    1. Plug the microfilter into the master phone socket on the wall.

    2. Plug your telephone cable into the microfilter port marked Sky Box/Phone.

    3. Plug your broadband router or Sky Hub router into the microfilter port marked Sky Hub.

    4. If you have more than one phone socket with devices connected, plug another microfilter into each socket.

    5. If you use a telephone splitter to connect more than one device to the phone socket, plug this into the microfilter port marked Sky Box/Phone.

    Please note: If you have a pre-filtered phone socket in your home you don't need to use a microfilter. These feature two plug sockets and are often found in new build homes.

    Need a new microfilter?

    Order online from the Sky Accessories Shop.

    Go to Sky Accessories >

    Or contact us >

  • Still having problems?

    If you’ve tried all the options above and you're still having problems with your Sky Talk telephone service, please call us and speak to one of our Sky experts.

    > Contact us