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Buying or renting from Sky Store

If you want to buy or rent from the Sky Store on your Sky Q box, follow the steps below.

If you're a Sky+HD customer please visit our Sky Store FAQs help article.

Using your Sky Q remote, access the Home screen, select Sky Store, then find a show and select one of the available options. Enter your Sky TV PIN if prompted.

You can start watching as soon as it displays "Ready to watch", or to watch it later you can go to Recordings from your Home screen, then either Purchases or Rentals

You can also buy and watch Sky Store movies and TV shows through the Sky Store app or on up to four compatible devices, including your mobile, tablet, PC, Mac or NOW TV or Roku boxes.

For Buy & Keep purchases, a DVD will also be posted to you.

  • Why buy through Buy & Keep?

    You can choose from a great range of movies and TV shows to buy directly through your Sky Q box using your Sky Q remote. Watch as many times as you want, either directly from your box or on a compatible device through the Sky Store app.

    Most of our movies are available digitally on early release, which means they're yours to watch even before the DVD has reached the shops.

    What's more, you don't need to worry about using up space on your Sky Q box. You can archive your purchase and download it later without ever losing it.

    If you ever replace or upgrade your Sky Q box, we'll make sure your purchases are automatically transferred to your new box once you've paired your viewing card. And your DVD is yours to keep and watch again and again.

  • How do I pay?

    Payment methods for Sky Store or Buy & Keep purchases will vary depending on which device you used to make the purchase. 

    Sky Q box:

    You’ll be charged in your monthly Sky bill. This will show in the section of your bill called Sky Box Office. Your Buy & Keep purchases will only be charged to your bill once you’ve watched them.

    Sky Store app or website:

    We'll take payment from the debit or credit card you registered when you signed up to Sky Store.

    If you’re in the 31 day notice period to end your Sky TV services you’ll be able to order one Sky Store rental and one Buy & Keep purchase before your contract ends with your Sky Q remote. This does not include Sky Sports Box Office events. Any purchases made will be added to your next Sky bill. 

     Please note: You'll be charged as soon as you make a purchase, even if you haven't watched it.

  • What do I do if I’ve reached my credit limit?

    You can still buy from Sky Store rentals and Buy & Keep purchases through the Android Sky Store app or  You'll need a Sky Q box connected to broadband to send your purchases straight to your TV.

    If you'd like further assistance please contact us.

  • When will I receive my DVD?

    Your Buy & Keep DVD should arrive in the post within ten working days of making your purchase, or if it's available as an early release, within ten working days of the DVD release date.

    You can track the progress of your DVD delivery by signing into My Orders using your Sky iD and password or on the Sky Store app or website.

    Track your order on the Sky Store app:

    1. Select the main menu then select your username.
    2. Select My Sky account.
    3. Select Track my order.

    Track your order on the website:

    1. Sign in and select your username.
    2. Select My account.
    3. Select the Order Tracking tab.

    If you have an email address linked to your Sky account, we'll also email you to confirm the estimated delivery date. If the delivery is delayed for any reason, we'll update the My Orders section of your My Sky account and email you confirming your new delivery date.

    If you don't know which email address is associated with your account, you can add or update your email address on your Household details page in My Sky.

  • How can I watch my purchases on other devices?

    You can watch Sky Store rentals or Buy & Keep purchases on up to four devices including:

    • Apple or Android mobile or tablet via the Sky Store app.
    • PC or Mac via and the Sky Store Player.
    • NOW TV and Roku boxes by linking your account.

    Stream your purchases over a broadband connection or download your purchases to your device to watch offline, without an internet connection.

    Using an Apple or Android mobile or tablet:

    1. Download the Sky Store app and sign in with your Sky iD details.

      Sky Store app for Apple >

      Sky Store app for Android >

    2. On an Apple device go to step 3.
      On an Android device select the top left hand menu and select My Library.
    3. Select the Rented or Purchased tab, then select Play or Download on your chosen movie or TV show.

    Using your PC or Mac:

    1. Go to and sign in using your Sky iD details.
    2. Select My Library and select the Rented or Purchased tab.
    3. Select Play or Download on your chosen movie or TV show. When you download a movie or TV show for the first time on your computer you’ll be asked to download the Sky Store Player. Select Install Player when prompted.

    Using your NOW TV or Roku box:

    1. Launch Sky Store and sign in using your Sky iD details.
    2. Select My Library and then select the Rented or Purchased tab.
    3. Select Play on your chosen movie or TV show.

  • Can I delete a purchase?

    You can't delete anything you've purchased, but you can archive it. To do this:

    1. From Recordings, select Purchases.
    2. Choose the show and select Archive.

    The show will now be archived. If you want to restore an archived purchase go to Recordings and select Purchases. Scroll down to Archived, choose the show and select to restore.

  • How long do I have to watch a movie I've rented?

    For rentals purchased through your Sky Q box you have up to seven days to start watching after it's downloaded, and you can play it as many times as you like for 48 hours after you've first watched it.

    For rentals purchased through or the Android Sky Store app you have up to 30 days to start watching after it's downloaded, and you can play it as many times as you like for 48 hours after you've first watched it.

  • Sky Store Box Sets

    Where can I purchase Box Sets from?

    Press Home on your Sky Q remote, select Sky Store then find the Box Set you’d like to purchase. You can also find a range of available Box Sets in the My Q section of your Sky Q box .

    How do I watch my Box Set?

    If you’ve purchased a Box Set, select the season and then the episode that you’d like to watch on your compatible device and select play.

    How can I watch the next episode of a Box Set?

    On your Sky Q box the next two episodes will begin to download automatically to your Planner once you start watching.

    Using the Sky Store app on your registered devices, you’ll be offered the option to stream or download the next episode.

    Can I purchase a single episode from a Box Set?

    The option to purchase individual episodes is not available.

    Can I rent a Box Set?

    Box Sets are available to Buy & Keep only.

    What does 'early digital release' mean?

    You’ll be able to purchase some of the latest titles and have access to view them on your compatible Sky Q box, PC or Mac, mobile, tablet, NOW TV or Roku box before the DVD is available.

    When the DVD is released this will be sent to your Buy & Keep delivery address. We'll let you know when the DVD is going to be sent.


If you're experiencing any issues when using Sky Store and Buy & Keep please visit our Problems with Sky Store help article.

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