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Using discovery+

What is discovery+?

We've partnered exclusively with Discovery to offer all Sky Q customers access to the new discovery+ streaming service for 12 months at no extra cost.

If you’ve switched from Sky Q to Sky Glass or Sky Stream, you can still use the discovery+ app at no extra cost for the remainder of your 12 month offer. Just sign into the discovery+ app with your discovery+ log in details.

If you're a new Sky customer with Sky Glass or Sky Stream, we're unable to offer the free 12 month subscription. If you would like discovery+, you'll need to sign up directly with Discovery.

With the discovery+ app on Sky Q, Sky Glass or Sky Stream, watch discovery+ originals, exclusive premieres, bingeable boxsets and all your favourite Discovery shows, unfortunately you're not able to view sports coverage on the discovery+ app via Sky Q, Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

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Get discovery+ on Sky

For help setting up discovery+ on Sky Q, view our help video.

  1. To complete the set up, you'll need your Sky iD, a Sky remote and a device that’s connected to the internet.
  2. On your Sky remote, press the voice button and say ‘Get discovery plus’ and select any tile to continue.
  3. If you don’t have a Sky voice remote, press ‘Home’, scroll down to apps, press right then scroll down to ‘Get more from Sky’ and select discovery+.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions and press checkout.
  5. With your mobile device, open up the camera app and scan the QR code as shown below.
  6. Or go to


Sorry, discovery+ isn’t available for Sky+HD customers. You’ll need to upgrade to Sky Q, Sky Glass or Sky Stream to use all the apps on Sky, including discovery+, Disney+, Netflix and more.

Good to know: If you cancel discovery+ with Sky, you won’t be able to use the 12 month at no extra cost offer again.

Activate discovery+ on Sky

  1. Sign in with your Sky iD username and password.
  2. Select continue and you'll be redirected to a registration page on Discovery's website.
  3. Set up details by inputting your email address and password that has not been used before on other sites.
  4. Select next and you will be asked for a pairing code.
  5. To get the code, go to your Sky Q box, Sky Glass TV or Sky Stream puck, press Home, Apps, Featured and select discovery+.
  6. Select the text option "Continue with Sky activation".

discovery+ Sky log in screen

discovery+ activation link screen

  1. Input the 6-digit code into the webpage.
  2. This will authenticate your Sky Q box, Sky Glass TV or Sky Stream puck and you should be able to start watching content.

New to Q? You’ll need to wait until your Sky Q has been installed to activate and use discovery+.

How do I log in on my Sky Q minibox/Sky Glass TV/Sky Stream puck/other device?

You'll need to log in to each device / minibox separately the first time only.

  1. Open the discovery+ app from Home, Apps, Featured, discovery+.

  2. Select ‘Login’.

  3. Follow the instructions – visit, login with email and password and enter the 6-digit code.

  4. This will authenticate your device and you should be able to start watching content.

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discovery+ on Sky Glass apps rail

Can’t login?

  1. Make sure you’ve activated your account at if you’re in the UK or if you’re in the ROI. Remember, you can’t activate discovery+ until your subscription is active.
  2. If you’re still having problems, select Forgot password on the login screen and reset your password, then try again with the new details.
  3. If that doesn’t work, visit the discovery+ help centre for more help.

Using discovery+

Watching discovery+

Press select on a show to start watching it on discovery+. If it’s part of a series, it’ll show you a list of available episodes. If you were already watching something, it’ll pick up where you left off or you can select Restart to watch from the beginning.

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Need more help?

If you’ve got a problem with discovery+ on Sky, like no sound when watching shows or movies, or the app’s missing from your box, have a look at our Fixing problems with TV apps guide.

If you’re seeing an error message or have a problem with the app on another device, go to the discovery+ help centre for more help.

If you can see the message ‘please upgrade to the entertainment pass’ while attempting to play back shows in the discovery+ app visit our help article for more help.