The Arsenal legend thinks it's too tight to call...

This game all depends on Diego Costa. If Costa's fit it's a different game, but if he ain't fit I can't see any goals.

Tactically, Mourinho can go somewhere and make it very difficult and Arsenal have that tendency to shoot themselves in the foot if it is tight and Chelsea are defending well. Last week, Chelsea had 30 per cent of the play at home but Man Utd never looked like scoring. 

They never looked like scoring. If that happens in this game, Arsenal will get frustrated and they will let in Chelsea. But I think Mourinho will go there, make sure they don't lose, and that will be it.

If Arsenal did win, the difference between them would be seven points. Football's a funny game: Chelsea go to Leicester on Wednesday night and who's to say Leicester don't win that by a fluke goal, Arsenal win their game in hand, and it's four points? 

But I'd be shocked if Chelsea didn't win the title from here with the manager they've got. Tactically, he's too cute. The last two games they've won 1-0 and probably haven't had five shots. But they won both games - anybody else wouldn't have won those games and that's where the points mount up.

PAUL PREDICTS: 0-0 (Sky Bet odds 17/2)

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