Jurassic World is nearly upon - but director Colin Trevorrow has revealed he won't return for any potential sequels.

At the world premiere for the fourth in the long-running Jurassic Park series, Trevorrow was asked if he was likely to return for a fifth entry.

But the filmmaker said he would be passing on the torch.

"Jurassic Park is like Star Wars," he told Italian website BadTaste.it. "Different directors can give a different taste to each movie." 

"I would be involved in some way," he added, "but not as director."

No sequel has yet been greenlit for Jurassic World, but analysts expect it to open to at least $100m in its first weekend, meaning future sequels are near-certain.

Universal has expressed hope that Jurassic World spawns a new dinosaur-based franchise.

Jurassic World roars into cinemas on June 11.