Go inside the intense, engaging world of one of the biggest and busiest Air Force bases on the planet in our observational documentary series.

Inside RAF Brize Norton marks the first time a documentary film crew have been granted round-the-clock access to the RAF base, which supports all UK military operations around the globe. It follows a cast of men and women, military and civilian, who serve the nation and cope with a massive responsibility of being so near to the frontline of war. A surprising insight into the very serious nature of some of the work done in the Oxfordshire countryside, the series is set against the background of UK military activity and international emergency disasters.

Brize Norton is the beating heart of the Royal Air Force, bigger than most UK airports. It is the country's sole military airbridge for vital supplies and personnel to all British Armed Forces around the world. 250,000 passengers flowed through this military Heathrow in 2011, including troops and freight heading out to combat zones; and even hosting high profile visiting heads of state, politicians, and celebrities.

Brize Norton is a small city with its own hotel, fire station, sports clubs, medical centre, postal delivery service, and even a nightclub,  but run on military lines, populated by a rich choice of characters whose day-to-day schedules provide a rare and fascinating human insight into military life.

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