2011 Certificate: 15


Two mis-matched musicians - electro-popper Adam (Luke Treadaway) and feminist punkette Morello (Natalia Tena) find themselves inextricably linked at Scotland's T In The Park festival. Director David Mackenzie (Hallam Foe) goes lo-fi for this endearing tale of opposites attracting. Apart from stuttering romance, there's mud, drunkeness, more mud and a cameo from The Proclaimers.


  • David Mackenzie


  • Luke Treadaway

  • Natalia Tena

  • Ruta Gedmintas

  • Sophie Wu

  • Gavin Mitchell


What with the sea of mud, botulism burgers, overpriced lager, overflowing portaloos and endless alt-rock, a British summer music festival is probably the last place you'd expect to find real love.

Particularly if you loathed one another on sight...

And Adam (Treadaway) and Morello (Tena, Nymphadora Tonks in the Harry Potter films) do loathe one another...particularly when they're handcuffed together by a religious nutter who flits about dispensing homespun bon mots.

Surly Adam's half of an electro pop duo - think a hetero version of Pet Shop Boys - with his wry buddy Tyko (Baynton) who are due to play the main stage at Scotland's T In The Park festival.

Morello is the leader of feminist punk outfit The Dirty Pinks, a gobby broad who first attracts the ire of Adam when she and the gurrls rock his electric car.

Once inextricably linked their mutual antipathy gets barbed as they are obliged to stumble around the festival and bump into the likes of Newton Faulkner and The Proclaimers.

The day wears on, barriers begin to come down and - inevitably - the odd couple take the stage for The Dirty Pinks to perform a rather rousing version of Gloria Jones' Tainted Love.

It's basically Before Sunset relocated to a damp Hibernian field but director David Mackenzie (Hallam Foe) coaxes a sweet-natured romance which - while tracking a familiar trajectory - is as warm as a nip of old malt.

Minor characters - Baynton's engagingly wry muso and their drink-sodden manager - provide comedy interludes and there's also emotional mileage from Morello's banker boyfriend and Adam's supermodel filly.

It all ends pretty predictably...but it's been an amiable experience. Unlike Glastonbury.