1967 Certificate: 18


Horror. During the English Civil War, a witch-hunter deals out grisly death to those who arouse his suspicions. Starring Vincent Price, Ian Ogilvy.


  • Michael Reeves


  • Vincent Price

  • Ian Ogilvy

  • Patrick Wymark


The third and last horror film made by the talented young director Michael Reeves, who died soon after completing this at the age of 25. The story, based loosely on fact, deals with religious persecution in England at the time of Cromwell. Vincent Price plays Matthew Hopkins, the puritan appointed to stamp out witchcraft wherever he found it. This, of course, gives Hopkins license to do pretty well what he liked - until his sidekick (Robert Russell) rapes a young girl and her fiancé (Ian Ogilvy) seeks retribution. Price is on top form as Hopkins and he's supported by an impressive roster of British acting talent. The film has been accused of painting too bloody and violent a picture of the times, but its power is undeniable.