2011 Certificate: u


More than 30 years after the gentlefolk of the Hundred Acre Wood were last paid a visit on the big screen, Disney returns to see what they've been getting up to. Winnie the Pooh's still craving "hunny". Eeyore's lost his tail and the rest of the gang - Piglet, Owl, Kanga and, of course, Tigger - are hiding from a monster known as the Backson. John Cleese narrates but little else has changed as our woodland chums squabble, fall out and make up as if nothing has happened in the intervening three decades. Which is just as it should be.


  • Stephen J Anderson

  • Don Hall


  • Jim Cummings

  • Craig Ferguson

  • John Cleese

  • Tom Kenny


You'd have to go quite a long way to find a children's fantasy world free of marauding spaceships, vengeful aliens, computer animated fish, talking cars and re-animated toys.

In fact, you'd have to head to Hundred Acre Wood.

Writer AA Milne's gentle residents - Christopher Robin, Tigger, Owl, Kanga and - of course - Winnie The Pooh - have featured in a number of Disney featurettes and movies over the years...but these were largely straight-to-video productions.

For the first time in 35 years, Disney's big screen animators have returned to the amiable gang and a whole new adventure has been written for them while retaining the characteristics that have made them perennial nursery favourites.

The watercolour-style of EH Shepard's original illustrations has been maintained while voiceover veteran Jim Cummings returns to voice Winnie The Pooh as well as Tigger.

In a charmingly rambling tale, the perpetualy famished Winnie is on the hunt for honey, Eeyore is trying to relocate his tail and the whole gang are in fear of a Gruffalo-style monster who may - or may not - be skulking in the woods.

Younger children will be enthralled...and there's also the odd adult-pitched gag to keep the mums and dads happy.

It seems conservation is the word down at Hundred Acre Wood.