1950 Certificate: u


In their first magnificent partnership, director Anthony Mann sends James Stewart on an exhilarating jaunt across the wild frontier to retrieve a stolen rifle. Chock-full of memorable moments and climaxing with one of the best shootouts ever, this 1950 classic almost single-barrelledly revived the flagging Western genre. It also gave a boost to a couple of bucks aiming to make it big in Hollywood, names of Rock Hudson and Tony Curtis.


  • Anthony Mann


  • James Stewart

  • Dan Duryea

  • Shelley Winters

  • Stephen McNally


A first-rate, picaresque Western, which was a major springboard for a revival of the genre in the Fifties, with a fine leading performance from James Stewart, taut direction by Anthony Mann and superb photography by Greta Garbo's favourite cameraman, William Daniels. Rock Hudson and Tony Curtis, both then-newcomers, have small featured roles (Hudson plays a Red Indian) and there are sharply-etched portraits of Western characters on either sides of the law from such reliable players as Dan Duryea, Shelley Winters, Stephen McNally, Millard Mitchell, Jay C Flippen, Will Geer and John McIntire.