2017 Certificate: 15


Woody Harrelson gets his grump on as Wilson, a middle-aged loner with total disregard for other people's feelings - and personal space. But his life takes a positive turn when he learns that his long-estranged wife Pippi (Laura Dern) is back in town... and that they have a daughter. Given up for adoption as a baby and now a teenager, Claire (Isabella Amura) turns out to be a bit of a misfit herself. So with Wilson being Wilson, the family reunion is far from smooth. By turns cynical, scabrous and sentimental, graphic novelist Daniel Clowes touches the same nerves as his cult hit Ghost World with another comical tale of disillusionment and dysfunction.


  • Craig Johnson


  • Woody Harrelson

  • Laura Dern

  • Judy Greer

  • Margo Martindale

  • Cheryl Hines

  • Isabella Amara