1967 Certificate: pg


Top-notch western starring Charlton Heston as a stoical cowboy who comes to rethink his solitary life after meeting a frontier widow (Joan Hackett). Amongst the array of richly drawn secondary characters, Lee Majors gets trigger happy, Slim Pickens turns nasty, and Donald Pleasance preaches like crazy. Drama with grit.


  • Tom Gries


  • Charlton Heston

  • Donald Pleasence

  • Joan Hackett

  • Bruce Dern


Charlton Heston is excellent as a middle-aged cowboy offered a rewarding but dangerous new life with a frontier widow and her son in this gritty, impressive Western.

Joan Hackett as the widow forms a strong axis for the action in a touching and warm relationship with Heston, while Donald Pleasence is memorably over the top as a psychotic preacher who darkens their happiness. The fight scenes are red-blooded and raw but the ending is misty-eyed.