2011 Certificate: pg


Perry Eggleton plays Will, a footy-mad orphan who does a runner and sets off across Europe to watch his beloved Liverpool play AC Milan in the European Cup Final in Turkey. Cue muggings, misadventures and a hilarious cameo from Kenny Dalglish and the team themselves. Every young football fan's dream plus some star turns from Damian Lewis and Bob Hoskins – could this be a winning formula?


  • Ellen Perry


  • Perry Eggleton

  • Damian Lewis

  • Bob Hoskins

  • Jane March

  • Steven Gerrard


The titular Will is a twelve-year-old boy, abandoned by his father (Damian Lewis) several years back when his mother died.

When the prodigal father returns to rescue him from his nun-run boarding school however, he proves himself to be every bit the repentant dad, taking Will out for jolly days in trees reciting Spike Milligan poems and discussing their shared passion: Liverpool FC. He even buys a pair of tickets to the Champions League Final in Istanbul.

Sadly he dies before the match. Even though the ever likeable Damian Lewis is hammed up to the max here, forced to recount Stamford Bridge victories as if he were reciting a Shakespearean soliloquy, Will's grief is by contrast rather understated and well done.

To do right by his football-mad pop's memory, Will sets off on his own to watch his beloved Liverpool face AC Milan. En route he meets a benevolent van driver named Alex who a) agrees to accompany him to the games; and b) just happens to be an ex-footballer.