2000 Certificate: 12


Battle of the sexes comedy starring Mel Gibson as a womanising, chauvinistic advertising exec who acquires the ability to hear women's thoughts. Initially, it's the perfect chance to get one over on his new boss (Helen Hunt) - but the more he learns, the more he begins to care what the ladies think. Blessed with an on-form cast, the fun premise is wittily executed by director Nancy Meyers, the brains behind Private Benjamin and Something's Gotta Give.


  • Nancy Meyers


  • Mel Gibson

  • Helen Hunt

  • Marisa Tomei

  • Alan Alda

  • Lauren Holly


This is a romantic comedy starring Mel Gibson as the chauvinistic but charismatic Nick Marshall, an advertising executive who believes that his charms can get him anywhere.

He is particularly confident about his abilities at work until his boss (Alda) recruits Darcy (Hunt) over him for the position of creative director.

Darcy soon makes it clear to Nick that he will never be able to sell products to women until he starts understanding the female mind.

One day, Nick wakes up after an electrocution accident and discovers a new 'gift'.

He can hear women think! His daughter is disappointed that he will never understand her; the office girl is suicidal, and Darcy is much less confident than she appears at work! These new discoveries allow Nick to relate to women and to change his whole persona....

The movie flourished at the US box office probably because Gibson as a modern day charmer rather than a medieval warrior drew a huge female audience just to witness his charismatic and tender appeal on the big screen.

Giggly pleasure for women is what it's really about but Gibson's 'man's man' is a character who will appeal to and amuse a much wider audience.

This movie squeezes every last drop of charm out of Gibson and takes his status as Hollywood Golden Boy to a higher level.

A touch of magic realism (Gibson dancing around his flat to Frank Sinatra) and even a hint of slapstick combine with a great cast and a clever and original script to make a particularly entertaining Hollywood romp.