1985 Certificate: 15


Two high school nerds are amazed when their perfect virtual woman comes to life (in the pneumatic form of Kelly LeBrock) in John Hughes' ever-popular comedy fantasy. Once the butt of every practical joke going, Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (Ilan Mitchell-Smith) are suddenly the coolest kids in class. But with a mind as wicked as her body, their creation Lisa is determined to have her fun too. The consequences are devastating - not least for school jock Robert Downey Jr and Wyatt's bullying big brother Chet (Bill Paxton).


  • John Hughes


  • Anthony Michael Hall

  • Kelly LeBrock

  • Ilan Mitchell-Smith

  • Bill Paxton


This humorous 80s smash hit is about two teenage nobodies who crave popularity but don't know how to get it.

The duo, who have a reputation as losers, are Gary (Hall) the hard working student and Wyatt (Smith) the computer wizard.

They decide the cure for their non-existent social lives is to design their own girlfriend and - with the help of Wyatt's computer brain, a Barbie doll and their considerable knowledge of centrefolds - make her perfect in every way.

Their artificial girlfriend Lisa (LeBrock) then starts to transform the boys from losers to party animals using little more than her charm and beauty.

The trio end up on a series of adventures which obviously involve getting drunk, driving fast cars and having wild and destructive parties - all new experiences for the hapless pair.

The party they throw might have kick-started their search for popularity but it in turn destroys the house - landing Wyatt in a spot of bother.

A Franken-comedy to give the hormonally driven plenty of food for thought.

Dominic Bloch