1967 Certificate: 18


French director Jean-Luc Godard's apocalyptic vision of modern society, starring Jean Yanne and Mireille Darc. Subtitled.


  • Jean-luc Godard


  • Mireille Darc

  • Jean-Pierre Leaud

  • Jean Yanne


Director Jean-Luc Godard's vividly terrifying, apocalyptic view of the near future. If you like, this is the other side of the coin from Jacques Tati's impression of the world in `Traffic'. Godard's traffic jam leads only to death, despair, disruption and decay, a nightmarish vision worthy of Edgar Allan Poe. Aficionados will notice such star Godard players as Juliet Berto and Anne Wiazemsky cropping up in minor roles in the course of this wreck-strewn and body-strewn essay in bitter and extremely black humour, perhaps the most visually striking of all Godard films. Not for the easily disturbed.