1964 Certificate: none


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  • Quentin Lawrence


  • Maurice Kaufmann

  • Faith Brook


A well-acted Edgar Wallace thriller about a woman who antagonises everyone she meets. She is also very scared of bees... This difficult central character is strongly acted by Faith Brook. The daughter of Clive Brook, a superstar of both British and Hollywood films in the Twenties and Thirties, she began her own career as a teenager in Hollywood, in such films as Suspicion (1941) and Jungle Book (1942), before starting a British career in post-war years. The competent direction is by Montgomery Tully, an Irish born stalwart of British crime dramas for 30 years. Murder in Reverse and Dial 999 were two of his best thrillers, and here he manages an extremely effective climax - with the help of a few hundred bees and the special effects men.