2005 Certificate: u


Following three already immortal Wallace and Gromit shorts - two of which saw Were-Rabbit co-director Nick Park mount the Academy Awards platform to stutter nervous thanks - a wide-mouthed, cheese-obsessed inventor and his faithful dog finally make the jump to the big screen - and this time its spooky!


  • Nick Park

  • Steve Box


  • Ralph Fiennes

  • Peter Kay

  • Peter Sallis

  • Helena Bonham Carter


With the hotly-anticipated annual vegetable competition only days away the last thing anyone needs is a pest on the loose.

Thank Gouda there's a solution in the form of Wallace and Gromit's latest cottage industry: 'AntiPesto' the world's first humane pest control system.

But when the carrot cruncher in question turns out to be an ungodly floppy-eared leviathan, bent on vegetable destruction it looks like the lads have bitten off more cracker than they can chew.

What's perhaps more impressive than anything about Wallace and Gromit's big screen debut is the scale of the film - small.

Despite some jaw dropping sets, and for that matter set pieces, the filmmakers have genuinely crafted the most enjoyable, exciting, heart-warming and funniest film of the year basically by managing to retain all the charm of the Wallace and Gromit that the whole world seems to know and love.

Running just 85 breathless minutes there's little time to blink.

Its probably best to try not to as any distraction from the screen is likely to mean you've missed some typically spot-on Aardman gag - Gromit's alma mater, as revealed in the film's inspired title sequence, is an absolute gem.

Simply put the film is a rip-roaring adventure with a heart as big as its furry antagonist.