2007 Certificate: 18


In this gaudy tribute to the sexploitation cinema of the 1970s, a bored Los Angeles housewife is tempted into a dark underworld of of Hollywood swingers, drug-fuelled orgies, booze and sin. Writer-director Anna Biller plays Viva who, after being ignored by her husband, is tempted into a sexual bohemia fuelled by buckets of gin, jazz cigarettes and the static from polyester leisure slacks.


  • Anna Biller


  • Anna Biller

  • Jared Sanford

  • Bridget Brno

  • Chad England


Anna Biller doesn't just star as a zeppelin-chested LA housewife lured into a seedy world of themed orgies and stoner nudists.

No, she found the cash, wrote the script, directed the film, edited the results and even ran up the costumes and designed the sets.

Biller's day-glo labour of love saucily celebrates the highly-stylised, colour-saturated, nudge, nudge nude 1970s outings best represented by Russ Meyer.

She plays Barbi, a chesty housewife and wannabe model, who turns to the camp companionship of her wealthy swinging, whisky-swigging neighbours.

Sheila (Brno), who wears the same skimpy uniform as Barbi - mega-bra with matching apple-catchers - leads the pair of them to a risque rendezvous with a madame and before you can say Playboy Club they're on her books.

Rabidly embracing the trash aesthetic, Biller manipulates Barbi through a series of bisexual adventures as she's pursued by everyone from a predatory snapper to a louche English film producer with more than a passing resemblance to "Nasty" Nigel Lythgoe.

The sexploitation era provides plenty of satirical ammunition - flimsy pine sets, wobbly appendages, a surplus of body hair and stilted acting - and Biller also launches a sly dig at the pseudo-feminism of the period.

However, at two hours it's basically an extended sketch stretched to feature lengh and by the end the vibrancy of the never-seen-in-nature colours are reaching migraine-inducing proportions.

File under sexual oddity.