2008 Certificate: 18


Six months after losing her only child in the Asian tsunami, Jeanne (Emmanuelle Beart) is convinced she sees him in a film about orphans living in the jungles of Burma. Her sceptical husband (Rufus Sewell) agrees to join her search... but their venture finds them stranded in the jungle under siege from a vicious gang of feral children. Chilling horror thriller.


  • Fabrice Du Welz


  • Emannuelle Beart

  • Rufus Sewell

  • Julie Dreyfus

  • Petch Osathanugrah


The agonies of losing a child are amplified a thousand times in this accomplished psychological horror thriller from Belgian director Fabrice du Welz.

Grieving couple Jeanne and Paul Bellmer (Beart and Sewell) have opted to stay on Thailand after the freak 2004 tsunami washed away their only child six month before.

During a charity do Jeanne thinks she glimpses her missing son on a grainy video shot by volunteer workers helping rebuild communites in the remote Thai-Burmese border area.

Fatally obsessed, she persuades her reluctant husband to embark on a rescue mission which means putting their trust in Petch Osathanugrah's charismatic fixer.

Du Welz sustains a corrosive atmosphere of impending dread as the couple move from the seedy, fluorescent lit girlie bars of Phuket to the jungle, a hostile world whose cruel ways are even beyond the reckoning of their duplicitous guide.

Mood is the key here with a threatening score perfectly complemented by gloomy river vistas and dripping jungle canopies a million miles away from the sunlit brochures of the tourism industry.

Pretty soon the couple have completely lost their emotional bearings as they stumble ever deeper into the jungle and into the lair of a feral foe that makes a terrifying sort of sense.

It's Don't Look Now meets Heart of Darkness.