1982 Certificate: 18


David Cronenberg's future-shocker pitches sleazy TV programmer James Woods into a virtual nightmare when he acquires a surreal adult channel for his station. There's no doubt it's addictive, but he senses something horribly sinister behind it... and his girlfriend Deborah Harry is part of the conspiracy. Cronenberg lets his imagination loose in a mesmerising head-twister that provides some literally gut-wrenching ideas about the power of the media.


  • David Cronenberg


  • James Woods

  • Deborah Harry

  • Sonja Smits


Virtual meets reality as jaded TV programmer James Woods flicks through the channels and finds himself sucked, literally, into the world of Videodrome, a subversive, non-stop frenzy of sex and violence beamed through the ether.

Cult horror director David Cronenberg presents some interesting ideas about the manipulative (in every sense of the word!) powers of television and mixes in a dollop of black humour, the usual quota of visceral thrills and some truly bizarre images as Woods plays video games with the interactive Deborah Harry.

Ultimately, though, the mind-reeling special-effects win out over any serious message about the media and, being a Cronenberg film, the stomach-churning level is high, as people get to wear their insides on the outside in the best splatter movie tradition.