1988 Certificate: pg


A father and son suddenly find themselves in each other's bodies in this affable role-reversal comedy. The body-swap - which means they have to attend school and go to work for one another - is triggered by an oriental ornamental skull. Stars Judge Reinhold and Fred "The Wonder Years" Savage, co-scripted by Likely Lads and Porridge writer Dick Clement.


  • Brian Gilbert


  • Judge Reinhold

  • Fred Savage

  • Swoosie Kurtz

  • Corinne Bohrer


Another of the late Eighties 'role reversal' comedies in a period that could have been called the invasion of the body switchers.

Judge Reinhold holds centre stage in this one (a loose remake of the 1947 British film of the same title).

In this version, the fun is a little less naive and sex rears its head along with other foreseeable complications.

Reinhold clowns around like mad, but it's young Fred Savage from 'The Wonder Years', stuck in school as a 35-year-old, who gets the best stuff to do.

Corinne Bohrer is a sweet love interest, and the film is pleasant to have around if pretty forgettable - sometimes amusing, and only occasionally embarrassing.