2013 Certificate: 12


Recovering alcoholic Michael Woods (the late Paul Walker) skips parole and heads to Johannesburg to try to lure back his ex-girlfriend. However, a mix-up at the airport means the American takes the wrong hire car - one containing a silenced automatic and a woman trussed up in the boot. Unwittingly, he's landed smack, bang in the middle of a conspiracy which sees him become a fugitive from South African cops led by a corrupt police chief. Pedal-to-the-metal action from writer/director Mukunda Michael Dewil with Walker never stepping outside the car.


  • Mukunda Michael Dewil


  • Paul Walker

  • Naima McLean

  • Gys de Villiers

  • Leyla Haidarian


Colin Farrell was memorably trapped inside a telephone box in the thriller Phone Booth. Ryan Reynolds was literally holed up in a coffin in Buried. Now Paul Walker spends a whole movie at the wheel of a Hertz minivan in Vehicle 19.

He plays Michael Woods, an out-of-town American with a drink problem who flies into Johannesburg - breaking his parole - to win back his estranged girlfriend.

Unfortunately, he picks up the wrong hire car at the airport, one that was apparently reserved for a hitman (there's a silenced gun under the seat) and his victim (there's a woman trussed up in the boot).

Hurtling through the streets of Jo'burg, Woods realises he's the target of a corrupt police chief...and the girl in the back is a state prosecutor (Naima McLean) who was threatening to reveal the cop's links to a sex trafficking ring.

Firmly in the B-movie bracket, this makes decent use of its city locations with plenty of pursuing police cars getting totalled while Walker emotes anger by going red and banging his fist on the steering wheel.

It's pure formula...but will give Fast & Furious fans something to drool over until the next F&F instalment comes skidding around the corner.