1967 Certificate: 18


Screen version of James Joyce's classic novel set on a summer's day in Dublin in 1904. Starring Milo O'Shea, Barbara Jefford, Maurice Roeves.


  • Joseph Strick


  • Maurice Roeves

  • Milo O'Shea

  • Barbara Jefford


There is a great film to be made from James Joyce's famous Dublin-set odyssey but this attempt doesn't quite work. No one can deny the bravery in attempting to set to screen one of the most complicated and compound works of literature and indeed screenwriters Joseph Strick (he also directed) and Fred Haines adaptation earned them an Academy Award nomination. The film's real strength, however, lies in the acting of Milo O'Shea as Leopold Bloom, Barbara Jefford as Molly, Maurice Roeves as Stephen and the ever-reliable T P McKenna as Buck Mulligan as they react and counter-react over a 24-hour period. Jefford delivers Molly's famous monologue with true style and there is a lot to admire in this curio of a film. It was banned in certain areas of the UK on its release because of the expected lewdness that never really materialised.